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Participate in the MaterialWorld@Kent interdisciplinary programme

MaterialWorld@Kent is a new experimental interdisciplinary programme at the University of Kent to explore the material world as it is, as it was in the past, and as it could be in the future - its nature, properties, and potentialities.

MaterialWorld@Kent revisits the founding principles of the University 50 years ago, deeply steeped in inter- and multidisciplinary groups. MaterialWorld@Kent is organised around a broad range of research relating to materials as a common area of research for the conventional disciplines that make up the University.

Beginning in Autumn 2015 there will be a series of seminars, workshops and colloquia to develop joint projects and approaches to increase our understanding of the material world, organised by the Material Aspects Knowledge Exchange group (MAKE) at Kent.

MaterialWorld@Kent to award three Ph.D. studentships

one each in Humanities, the Social Sciences and the Sciences, as a part of the University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarships Scheme. Proposals will include a focus on materials or materiality, drawing on individual disciplinary methods and approach, while encountering other disciplinary positions.

  • Three funded Ph.D. places across the humanities, sciences and social sciences
  • Explore materials across disciplines, time and space
  • Opportunity to develop cross-disciplinary partners, skills, and perspectives.
  • Help merge the 'two cultures'

MaterialWorld@Kent is rooted in the conviction that individual researchers are likely to have or gain special expertise in one or perhaps two of these areas - interrogation, interpretation, invention - but that a sophisticated understanding of all three will enhance their professional development and research.

  • Interrogate. Answer questions about the nature, construction, age, condition, history, function, and authenticity of materials using a variety of tools and techniques.
  • Interpret. Consider the meaning and value of heritage sites, artefacts, materials in scientific, cultural, historical, legal, political, social, economic, and philosophical frameworks.
  • Invent. Create  new things: materials themselves; computer generated structures and materials in virtual worlds; and new objects such as works of art and structures such as buildings.

There is a programme of conferences, seminars, practicums and opportunities for work experience, supported by the Material Aspects Knowledge Exchange group (MAKE), an interdisciplinary academic community of specialists in materials, material culture, and materiality.

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