Applications Closed

`Applications Closed

How to apply for Ph.D. award in MaterialWorld@Kent 50th Anniversary Programme

(Applications due May 31st, 2015 for September 2015 entry)

To qualify for a University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarship Ph.D. award you must apply and be accepted by a School in one of the three faculties at the University of Kent. You must have an M.A., M.Sc. or equivalent relevant to the Ph.D. you are applying for, e.g. acceptable to the admissions requirements for the School you are applying to. This award is for the Ph.D. only (3 years).

  • Scholarships will be offered at the standard UK Research Councils’ rate and administered under the Graduate Teaching Assistant Scheme, further details of which can be found at: 
  • To apply for the MaterialWorld@Kent 50th Anniversary Programme use the University of Kent online application form: Apply Here
  • When filling out the application, under source of funding, select "School Scholarship" and indicate the "MaterialWorld@Kent 50th Anniversary Programme" in the proposal. This is important, as this will route your application to the programme convenors. Please send an email to the appropriate Faculty Contact below indicating you have applied and the School you have applied to so they can track your application if needed.
  • If you have already applied and been accepted, you can 'reuse' your application, but should ensure that your proposed research is in accord with the MaterialWorld@Kent Programme requirements. You should contact the School that has accepted you and amend your application to include "MaterialWorld@Kent 50th Anniversary Programme" under source of funding, the proposed title of the research if you had to revise your proposal, and the proposal if this was revised. You should also email the Programme convenor from the Faculty that includes the School you applied to. These are listed below.
  • For further information follow this link to University of Kent 50th Anniversary Research Scholarships

.We will shortlist the applications on June 1st, and if you are shortlisted you will be invited to an interview on June 5th. 

Faculty Contacts

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